Newsletter -What a Fantastic Year!

Newsletter – Friday 29th November 

Happy Friday Team!

Wow wow wow wow!!! Who was at Middlesbrough?! What a fantastic last event of the year! This year the team have completed almost 30 Festivals across the country and had such a great time – we can’t wait to do it all over again!

The team are done, or are they? Now’s an important time. We’ve recently released the dates of the festivals next year and now we’re busy, beavering away making arrangements to get everything organised and give you another great year. And this time the events are even bigger and better – new to 2020 your ticket price will include 2 FREE miniature 5cl bottles of Gin or Rum to take home with you, a reusable metal drinking straw and so much more!

So in case you hadn’t see the list or bought your ticket yet, here’s where we’re jetting off to in 2020:

14th March – Northampton

27th/28th March – Manchester

3rd/4th April – Norwich

17th/18th London

6th June – Derby

12/13th June – Leeds

4th July – Nottingham

10th/11th July – Peterborough

25th July – Lincoln

31st July/1st August – Chelmsford

7th/8th August – Bath

14th/15th August – Liverpool

21st/22nd August – Glasgow

4th/5th September – Manchester

11th/12th September – Reading

26th September – Blackpool

2nd/3rd October – Birmingham

16th/17th October – Coventry

13th/14th November – Derby

How exciting is that?!

So, it’s nearing the end of November so I’m putting it out there. Who’s thinking of Christmas? It seems to start earlier and earlier every year. This year I found as soon as Halloween was done Christmas decorations started creeping into shops. Crazy stuff! Then again, I’ve seen friends online talking about how they’ve already finished all the shopping. It’s sensible, I’ll give them that! I’m much more of a last-minute person and I’m always on the lookout for a deal so keep your eyes on our online shop. We know it’s Christmas and there are going to be some great deals so you can treat your loved one to something boozy.

Have a great week guys!

Bernie and G&R team


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