We are proud to present the Gin and Rum Festival, touring across the UK.
Promoting British Gins and Rums alongside recognised worldwide brands is the foundation of our events and a great way for people to taste a wide range of spirits by both UK and international distillers.
What to expect:
•  Super fast check-in  •  Experienced hospitality staff  •  FREE satchel including your very own Copa glass  •  7 themed bars  •  Gin & rum bible  •  Talks and masterclasses from the best gin and rum producers  •  Live entertainment 


Our mission is to provide people the opportunity to discover over 60 different Gins and 60 different Rums under one roof in a city near you. Dedicated, highly skilled members of staff will be able to educate and guide you through the many different blends, tastes and locations that our Gins and Rums come from.


The Gin and Rum Festival brings to you not only unique spirits from all around the globe but a great selection of some of the best entertainment and food from around the UK, making it an event not to be missed.  
The idea originated when a group of friends, noticed on a night out that there was not enough selection of British Gins and Rums. With Brexit also on the way, UK distillers would have the perfect opportunity to showcase their products generating more awareness together with international brands at a Gin and Rum Festival. Now, we are touring across the UK with the exclusive Gin and Rum Festival promising to create a fantastic experience for all.