What’s included with my ticket price?

Is this event for me?

What kind of drinks are available?

What if I don’t like Gin or Rum?

How much does the Festival cost and how do I buy drinks?

Will there be entertainment, seating and food?

Will there be a photographer?

Do I need to print my ticket off before I arrive?

Does the ticket have to be used by the person named on it?

If I go out, can I come back in?

What if I need a refund?

How do I contact Gin & Rum Festival?

What happens if the Festival is postponed or cancelled?

Can I transfer my tickets to another Festival?

Can I still claim my free items if I do not attend?

Are drink tokens refundable?

What free snack and drink will I receive with my ticket?

How do I claim my free drink via the app at the end of the event?

When will I get my shop order?