How does the festival work?2018-05-09T13:36:05+01:00

On arrival, we scan your ticket with our check in device and direct you towards the token station. To purchase drinks, you must buy tokens as bars do not accept cash or card. Drinks are £5 each and 1 token holds the value of £5. Our staff will provide you with the Gin and Rum festival satchel and inform you where the themed bars are. Have a look through the Gin and Rum Bible, find your preference and start your journey in discovering some of the best Gins and Rums at the festival with a Gin and Rum Festival copa glass, all yours to take home after the festival.

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I’ve bought my ticket, what does it include?2018-03-23T16:55:01+01:00

Your ticket includes entry to the festival, a Gin and Rum Festival satchel including a Copa glass and Gin and Rum Bible.

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Is ID required?2018-03-23T16:55:01+01:00

The event is strictly 18+ and you may be asked to display ID.

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What happens if the event is sold out, will more be released?2018-03-23T16:55:01+01:00

Once tickets have sold out, we cannot release more as we work closely with the venue capacity.

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I’ve bought a ticket for my friend, is that okay?2018-03-23T16:55:01+01:00

That’s not a problem as we understand people can gift tickets.

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How much are drinks?2018-05-09T13:28:38+01:00

Drinks are £5 each and bars do not take cash. To purchase drinks, you will need tokens which can be bought from the token station.

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If I go out, can I come back in?2018-03-23T16:55:01+01:00

Absolutely! Please remember to keep your glass with you at all times.

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How do I present my tickets, do I have to print them out?2018-03-23T16:55:01+01:00

You can display your tickets through a smartphone or tablet as we scan the QR code. To avoid any delays, please have your ticket ready to be scanned.

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How do I receive my tickets?2018-03-23T16:55:00+01:00

We send you all of our tickets through Eventbrite electronically. With the email you use to purchase tickets, an email is followed stating confirmation and your QR code can be found there.

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Will there be seating and tables at the venue?2018-03-23T16:55:00+01:00

Yes, there will be seating and tables but it is not guaranteed for everyone who purchases a ticket.

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Will there be food and entertainment?2018-03-23T16:55:00+01:00

We will have succulent street food and live entertainment available to ensure your time at the festival is filled with fun and great service.

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I have a question; how do I contact you?2018-03-23T16:55:00+01:00

Please send all enquiries to info@ginandrumfestival.com and we shall try our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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As this is an 18+ event you may be asked to show ID ( Passport, Driving Licence or PASS Card) if you are lucky enough to look under 25. If you are unable to provide ID, you will not be admitted into the festival even with a valid ticket.
Gin and Rum Festival reserves the right to carry out photography and/or video recording at their events for publicity purposes and to reproduce images and footage on our website. By entering into this Agreement, you agree that Gin and Rum Festival and any party authorised by the Gin and Rum Festival may use such images in perpetuity and in any format whatsoever. You further agree that copyright in these materials is owned by Gin and Rum Festival.The current smoking legislation regarding smoking in public places applies at all of our festivals. The use of E-Cigarettes is not permitted at our festivals except in designated smoking areas.Please be aware that for your security, we may on occasion conduct bag searches on entry to the festival.


To ensure that everyone can have an enjoyable experience, we reserve the right to refuse admission to disruptive or aggressive attendees even if a valid ticket is produced. No refund will be issued in this case.


Only food purchased within Gin and Rum Festival may be consumed within the event.


It is the attendee’s responsibility to take care of their Gin and Rum Festival copa glasses. In the case of breakage, glasses will only be replaced at the retail price of £5.00 each.


It is the attendee’s responsibility to take care of all personal items. Gin and Rum Festival will not be held responsible for any loss, theft or damage to personal belongings.

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