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Happy Friday Team!


How are we doing this week? Hope everyone is keeping well and looking after those around you. 


Lots on this week! Do keep with me as I want to share some recipes and give you a heads up – today it’s Ravioli day! A day to celebrate some delicious Italian food. And with that, I’d like to share a recipe with you. As always, I love to take something and make it a little bit boozy. Now, some of you may well shake your fist at me and say ‘you leave that pasta alone!’. However, I will have you know that vodka is actually an age old additive to tomato, just look at the Bloody Mary and tomato vodka soup (yes, that’s a real thing).

So, it got me thinking that there must be some recipes out there for boozy ravioli so I did some searching and found some wonderful recipes that I just have to share with you:

First up, it’s a biggy. We’re starting at the top. This recipe, care of Inside the Rustic Kitchen, requires some skill in the kitchen. This isn’t your normal chuck a few things together recipe that I like to share. However, it’s just so spectacular that I had to share it. I would just love it if some of you gave this a go! To be fair though, for the rest of us that don’t quite have that skill, it can easily be simplified. I might not be brave enough to make the ravioli, but I could buy some pre-made ravioli and then knock up the sauce from the recipe. And, what’s stopping you from making the sauce and using it elsewhere?

And, during my search, I stumbled across something I hadn’t even thought of, sweet ravioli! And, not just sweet ravioli, but ravioli with rum! Boozy food for pudding? I do think so! Check out this recipe here from Academia Barillia. Pasta with a sweet filling of ricotta, cinnamon and rum. Let me at it!

And what would you pair with ravioli? Here at Gin and Rum Festival, we love Malfy Con Limone, an Italian gin with an infusion of Italian coastal lemons, enjoy!


Now then, I always like to highlight local distillers and this week we’ve got some great ones close to Manchester.

Shelleys. Shelleys is a good friend of the Gin and Rum Festival and we’ve been selling their products for a long time. They have a fantastic range of really creative products. Rumbutt, which is a rum liqueur with earthy peanut notes. They also make Rumbarb, which twists rhubarb with rum, and a raspberry ripple spirit drink. We’re a big fan of the Manchester tart and I’ll be giving you a little more on that and some great cocktails to make with it next week.

Kuro gin are rocking it at the moment! From humble beginnings in 2017, they now have an array of awards to show off including gold and silver medals at the IWSC. They have a London Dry and two really beautiful expressions, a cherry blossom and a soft peach, lovely stuff.

Cheshire based Jones Distillery have two great spirits on offer. They’re big on sustainability with the distiller foraging for ingredients in the Weaver Valley to give the gin it’s own character. Their London Dry contains 14 botanicals, 5 of which are hand foraged and for a flavored expression they’ve made a fantastic raspberry and lime including hand foraged raspberries to make a fruity gin with a zesty finish. Go check them out!

So, there we have it! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Big love, G&R

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