Newsletter – Boozy Coconut Torte

Newsletter – Friday 13th March

Happy Friday Team!

And how are we doing this week? Still not much improvement on this weather, huh? Well, for those of you up North, we’re bringing the Sun with our first Gin and Rum Festival of the year in Northampton tomorrow night. 

And what special day is it today then? Well according to Days of Year, where I source all of my strange holiday info, today is Coconut Torte Day! So I’ve got a lovely boozy Coconut Torte recipe for you guys to try out. Plus, naturally, I’ve got some cocktail recipes too, focused around the rather delectable Dead Mans Fingers Coconut Rum.

Dead Mans Fingers is a rather delicious range of spirits from. The Coconut rum is exactly what you’d expect, with sweet coconut. Their spiced rum was invented in Cornwall and using flavours like Cornish Saffron cake and Pedro Ximenez ice cream, they prize themselves on being a little different. True to form, their Coconut Rum has a bit extra going on in there too. There are elements of mango, raisins, caramel, coconut ice and lime peel balance with vanilla and a hint of clove. 

So, how are we going to use this in a Chocolate Coconut Torte? Easy. Firstly check out this awesome recipe from Taste of Home. I did a little sifting around and found recipes. There are some great variations online. I found this one particularly good because of the filling. There’s a lovely can of coconut milk here and it’s a very easy switcharoo to leave out some of that milk and replace it with the coconut rum. Do make sure you replace the milk with the same amount of rum or it could affect the texture of the filling.

And yes, I did find some rather delicious variations of cake online. Here’s one of my favourites in case you fancy trying your hand at something different. This one, care of Gimmie Some Oven, whilst not claiming coconut in its name, is made using coconut milk, so I think if you were to put a couple of tablespoons of rum in the filling, it would work really well.

And a cocktail? It would be a newsletter without a cocktail to try at home right? Well, I thought I’d keep things a little simpler this week. It’s still a bit cold out there and I don’t know about you, but I’m still loving my boozy hot chocolates. This week I’ve found a great little recipe for a super simple hot choc indulgence, care of the Spruce Eats:

Have fun!

And just before I go, I wanted to drop a little hint about Mothers Day. It’s coming up guys! It’s the 22nd March, which is soon! If you’re still hunting for the ideal gift, do check out our online shop. We’ve got some really special bottles that do make great gifts for your nearest and dearest.

So, there we are! Have a wonderful time in Northampton all of you lovely lot that are going! Give the staff there some love, remember to check out Hustle and Two Birds and I’ll see you in a week!

Big love


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