If you’re a member of the newsletter then you may already know me. If not then let me introduce myself very quickly. I’m Bernadette and I write www.undertheginfluence.com. It started as a labour of love 4 years ago and has turned into so much more. Nowadays I’m a spirits judge and I write for Gin Magazine and now for Gin and Rum Festival. Exciting times ahead!

Blogging/Vlogging has gone mad in the last few years with more and more people setting up and sharing their opinions with the world. And if you’re into your spirits there is a number of amazing blogs out there that are really worth your time. At Gin and Rum Festival, we understand the art of blogging and the power of an honest person’s opinion. That’s why we’re making a point to get some great writers along to our festivals to review them. 

We’ll be sharing reviews on our site when they’re posted. And, this gives you an extra bonus, as you will be redirected to their blog to read the review and hopefully through this process you’ll find more blogs that you enjoy and you’ll be able to learn more about your favourite spirits.