BLOG – International Women’s Day – Agnes Arber

International Women’s Day – Agnes Arber

We’ve got a very special them this week, and one that’s important to me. It’s International Women’s Day. On the 6th March, all around the world we celebrate women. Now gentlemen, don’t feel left out. Research shows that International Men’s Day is only ever really googled on International Women’s Day. Now, we all know it’s you guy’s wondering when your day is, so to save you the job, that falls on the 19th November. Now, with that out the way you can stop worrying and focus on giving us ladies the recognition we deserve. There are some amazing women out there in the world, and there always have been. I’d like to tell you about one, Agnes Arber.

Agnes Arber lived between 1879 and 1960. She was a British plant morphologist and anatomist, historian of botany and philosopher of biology. Now, how’s that for a title. One of the many things that makes her a great showcase of female accomplishment is that she was the firt woman botanist to be elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society, back in 1946 and at this point only the third woman at all. Following this, she was the first woman to receive the Gold medal of the Linnean Society, which is a world famous institution dedicated to the study of natural history.The sciences were heavily dominated by men and breakthroughs like this were paving stones in the path towards equality. What’s this got to do with spirits? I hear you cry, raising your empty glasses, well, her botanical supremacy has been acknowledged and given tribute in the form of a rather fantastic gin, named simply Agnes Arber Gin.

The bottle is absolutely beautiful, labelled with a colourful sketch of the botanicals found in the gin. There is a lovely burst of sunshine citrus with orange, lemon and grapefruit and Iris as a nod to the world of momocotyledon plants, the plants that were the primary focus of Arber’s scientific work. The gin has a character that is earthy and herbal and again, this is so in keeping with the concept. Naturally, we carry this amazing gin and you can find it on our stalls and also in our online shop, so let’s all pour a glass of that and make a toast to Agnes Arber.

– Bernie @ G&R Team

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