Newsletter – Warm Up With A Hot Toddy!

Newsletter – Friday 18th October

Happy Friday team!

How has your week been? Hope it’s been full of all the good stuff. Happy, productive, lots of self-love and good socials with your loved ones too.

There may be a gap in the festivals right now, and the events staff may be getting to put their little tootsies up for a well needed rest. However, the wheels of the Gin and Rum Festival are still turning and lots of work is happening behind the scenes to sustain and improve our events.

I hope you’re keeping wrapped up, all warm and dry. It’s that time of year where the change in the weather can bring out all sorts of nasties with coughs and colds and flus. If you get struck down whilst your busy, the main concern can be that you don’t have time to be ill. Well, I say relish it. Have a hot bath to sweat it out, get yourself comfortable under a blanket on the sofa. And, if you’re anything like me, a hot toddy is a remarkable comforter.

Now, I need to advise you first and foremost that this is not medical advice by any means. I’m not saying a hot toddy will make you well. And, as always, it is alcohol so do be careful. However, I find nothing hits the spot quite like a hot toddy when I’m feeling rough around the edges.

Although originally whisky was the spirit most associated, you can make them with most spirits. Gin is a big contender and rum works really well too. The ingredients in them can work wonders to help give you a little boost.

So lets keep it simple to start. Take a couple of slices of lemon, with antibacterial properties, and pop it into a cup. Add a dollop of honey, which is great for soothing a sore throat and add a little hot water. Stir, let it steep briefly and add a healthy glug of your favourite spirit. Voila! You can then customise by adding extra things as much as you like. Spice is popular, a dash of chilli or ginger can help open up a congested chest and I quite like turmeric as it has a wealth of interesting properties, one of which is as an antidepressant. So if you’re feeling a little low, this could be the drink for you!

Feel free to experiment. My basic guide is citrus – antibacterial, honey – throat, spice – congestion. I’d love to see some of the ones you make so feel free to send in any pictures to and I hope you feel better soon!

Look after yourselves and have a great weekend.

Bernie and G&R

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