Newsletter – Pick Strawberries Day

Newsletter – 20th May 2020

Well hey there team!

It’s Wednesday! And it’s not just Wednesday, it’s Pick Strawberries Day! What a perfect encapsulation of childhood. Strawberry picking is a past time that seems to be on hold at the moment. Fingers crossed we get that back soon.

So, in the interim, I’ve got a selection of strawberry based spirits to offer you. And, it’s only right that I offer you some strawberry based cocktails, as well as some great strawberry based gins and rums.

I saw a video online the other day that I just have to share with you. Paul Hollyfield purchasing a £350 strawberry. Nonsense! I first thought, but then I watched it and golly, if I had a spare £350, which I don’t (who does nowadays), I’d have totally taken up that guy on his world leading strawberries. He’s spent a long time perfecting that breeding to create something truly marvellous and with the ideas playing in there.  You can check out the video below.

Watching that made me super fancy some of the juicy little red devils. So, let’s get started on some strawberry based classic cocktails.

Head honcho of the strawberry cocktail is arguably the strawberry daiquiri. This white rum based delight is a cream in girly social circles and it’s a bit more than that as far as I’m concerned. Sweet fruit with white rum is an absolute winner on a hot day. So have a crack at this easy version from Miss in the Kitchen:

So, tha gives us a little bit of rum, but let’s make something that involves gin, as it’s a diva really and doesn’t liem being left out. It was tricky to find a quintessential strawberry based gin cocktail but I went with this one purely because it acknowledges the beautiful relationship between strawberry and basil. Not only that but I love the fact that this isn’t a particular cocktail. It’s just a mush up of different things and therefore has no particular identity other than a strawberry and basil cocktail:

So now we’ve given you some ideas of what you can do with strawberries, let’s showcase you some things that distillers have, and that you can have, by heading over to our shop.

Gin Ting Berries, Berries, Berries. Who has tried Gin Ting? Represent! Now, if you haven’t’, don’t worry, it’ll come in time and taste all the nicer for the wait. However, for those that have this is a really interesting one because the original Gin Ting was all passion fruit and tropical flavours this, their second release banks solely on the berries. Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries, alongside more classic gin botanicals. Enjoyable tangy, the juniper and coriander spice are juxtaposed by the bright berry sweetness. Buy it here

Two Birds Strawberry and Vanilla Gin: With this gin, the nose has sweet strawberry fruit wrapped in a vanilla blanket with juniper shimmering on the side. The palate reflects the strawberry and cream initially but the other botanicals come to the party with the smooth and silky finish. Buy it here

Casiano Rum: Natural Strawberry extracts are added to a base of high quality white rum. This mixture is left to macerate and stabilize in a stainless steel tank until it reaches the optimum condition. Buy it here

So there we are! Strawberries for everyone! Hope you have a wonderful week. Stay safe and see you next Wednesday! 

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