Newsletter – How To Make Your Own Autumn Themed Drinks!

Newsletter – Friday 11th October

Happy Friday!

Well here we are! The definite change in the air is signalling cosier times. I love Autumn. I love all that stuff, the spicy drinks, the big jumpers, the naps inside on a cold day. And, hey! What a great opportunity to wrap up and get inside into the cool, crisp air! To take a dawdle somewhere beautiful, to watch the leaves cycle through their gorgeous array of colours before spinning down to land on the ground, ready for boots to come wading through the rustle piles.

How was Sheffield? I hope that you had a good time. How did the team treat you? Was there anything that you were surprised to see? Anything that you weren’t expecting?

Now then, this is the point where I would normally, tell you where we are today and give you a little history of the venue and the area. Well, today’s a little different as we have a small gap in the festivals. Yes, the team does need to take a little rest sometimes! So for the next 3 weeks we’ve got a little less to say in the newsletter.

And what day is it today? Well there are a few different options but they’re all rather difficult to relate to gin or rum! So, let’s do something completely different and look at some easy to make Autumn themed drinks:

Rum and Hot Chocolate – It doesn’t get easier than this. Put a little spiced rum in your hot chocolate. It is the ultimate in cosy comfort and it’s absolutely delicious.

Apple Cider Mojito – This is a lovely Autumn Twist on a summer classic! Fill 2 glasses with ice. Add the juice of half a lemon to each glass. Add rum, then top fill with apple cider. Top with soda stir then finish with mint, thyme and a slice of apple.

Hot Buttered Rum – I stumbled across this recipe today. What an incredibly indulgent thing it is! Firstly, you need to make the rum batter. In a medium saucepan, melt the butter. Whisk in some brown sugar and heat until it has been dissolved. Then, remove from the heat and add cinnamon, orange zest, ground clove and nutmeg, vanilla icecream and salt. Oohlala! Once you’ve got your batter, it’s time to make the drink! Add the rum and hot buttered rum batter to a mug, fill with hot water and wait for batter to melt, stir and add a cinnamon stick.

So, there we go! If you like these then you crack on and do some research. There are so many fantastic recipes around for cocktails. It’s a great time of year too for a little more indulgence so go on, treat yourself!

Have a great weekend!

Bernie and G&R


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