Newsletter – Sticky Bun Day

Newsletter – Friday 21st February

Happy Friday Team!

What’s today’s date, I hear you cry. Well, today we are revelling in Sticky Bun Day! That’s right, it’s officially sticky bun day and we want to celebrate that by giving you some of the best cake flavoured cocktails going.

We’re also starting to gear up for the first event of the year which is in Northampton. If you’re anyway near there or fancy taking a jolly that way then you can get some tickets for a session here. Likewise I’ll be looking at local distilleries/bars you can visit so if you know of anywhere do get in contact with me at I’ll be sending out some info recommending places in the newsletter on March the 6th. So, do keep your eyes out for ways to extend that visit.

Now then, back to cake cocktails. Who doesn’t love a sweet treat? The boom in champagne/cocktail high teas has gone to show that we just love a little bit of indulgence. So, I thought I’d sniff out some of the best cake flavoured cocktails that I could find. And, just to flip it, I’ve found a little something for all you chefs out there, a sticky bun recipe with a rum flavoured glaze. It goes beautifully with all the fruit and warm spice that you can put into a sticky bun so here, give it a try.

First up, we’ve got the lovely little Cake Batter Martini, care of the Novice Chef. What a show stopper of a cocktail! With specialist ingrediants such as cake vodka, and an amazing striped colour effect, it’s a really special thing. Check out the full recipe here:

Next up, do you know anyone with a birthday coming up? Well how about trying out these Birthday cake shots, care of Comprising of vodka, irish cream (or you could vary the recipe by trying other cremes, a strawberry creme would be great!) and some lovely sweet stuff, you’ve got a great little surprise for some celebrations. These are presented nicely in shot glasses with sprinkles on the rim. But I’m starting to wonder if you could pimp it by chilli it and serving it in place of ice cream with some jelly. It’s easy enough to make a boozy jelly so in theory you could make an adults version of the kids party classic. You can find the full recipe here:

And, how about this Cinnamon Roll Cocktail, care of the Farm Wife Drinks. Leakh has knocked up a wonderful concoction of Kaluha and Rumchata. Rumchata is a rum liqueur, blending rum, cream, cinnamon and vanilla, so it brings all the flavour to this cocktail. Again, there;s plenty of room for experimentation here. But this recipe looks absolutely fab. You can check out the full recipe here:

And finally, because it is sticky bun day after, all, how’s about knocking up a batch of current buns, then, when they’re ready for glazing, use a couple of spoonfulls of apricot jam with a tablespoon of spiced rum. Give that a mix and see what you think, you might also want to add a drop of water if you find it too thick, but not too much. Glaze those little beauties and you’re ready to go.

And there we have it! I hope that’s given you some fun stuff to do over the next few days. On the 28th, we’ll be focusing on Floral design day with some floral cocktails and a look at butterfly pea gins, the magic gins that change colour.

Big love, Bernie and G&R