Soul Salty White Russian!

Newsletter – Friday 22nd November

So here we are! Middlesbrough! The final festival of the year! Absolutely amazing to think of what the team have done, the miles travelled, the good times given, the spirits shifted. I think a big round of applause for the team will be necessary after this one. And, a big thank you to all of you that came to our events and made them what they were! We couldn’t do this without you. Once we wrap that up, our events team will be able to give their little feet a rest, while those at the office will be busy, beavering away getting things into place for next year.

And what of next year? The dates are out! Have you seen them yet? I’ll be putting a bit more focus into them next week. Next year’s festival season doesn’t start until March, so you’ve got a little time. But hey, tickets to one of our events would make a pretty cool present for someone, plus you can be super cheeky as if they’re going, you should go with them, right? So, you’d better get a ticket for yourself too, because you’re thoughtful like that! Get your tickets here!

So, last week I mentioned Soul Passion and that I had been slipping a bit into a Mimosa to make a rather excellent party drink. Well, this week I wanted to look at Soul Passion’s little brother, Soul Salty. Soul Salty is a darling little drink, slightly lighter on the abv and sweet, with added salted caramel flavour, it’s delicious on the rocks, but sometimes it’s nice to be inventive. So, I’d like to propose a drink for those who like White Russians.

White Russians are easy drinks. Thick and creamy, they’re for someone who likes to take their time with a drink and keep a gentle pace. Normally made with vodka, kaluha and milk. Have a go with one replacing the vodka with Soul Salty. It makes for a drink that taste like some posh chilled coffee, with a lovely little kick to it too.

So, there we are! Hope you’re all keeping warm and wrapped up. Have a great week!

Bernie and The G&R Team