Newsletter – Gin Liqueurs & Sweet Treats

Newsletter – Friday 31st January

Happy Friday All!!

And this isn’t just any Friday. This is a super special Friday! This is the last day of January! So hats off to all you wonderful people doing Dry January and Veganuary! You’ve won! How have you found it? Any lessons or permanent changes as a result? It feels pretty good to test the old willpower every now and again, right? If you’re celebrating tonight, have a wonderful time. In your honour, I have scoured the internet to put together a fantastic collection of cocktails that are that little bit special, because you deserve it, obviously.

And, perhaps you’re one of those who weren’t doing Dry January or Veganuary and you were just holding out until payday? I get you guys! Well here we are! I think celebrations are in order. 

Now, whether you are thinking party party, or you’re just super prepped and starting to think about Valentines Day, we’ve got a great deal for you. We’ve got a sale on Cin Cin at the moment. Have you tried it before? Pronounced ‘chin chin’, Cin Cin is a gin liqueur so at 20% ABV, it’s softer and sweeter than a full strength, traditional gin. The flavour profiles are also a step away from the more classic gin flavour, Cin Cin comes in Marshmallow and Parma Violet varieties. So, this gin liqueur is definitely for those of you with more of a sweet tooth and with that ABV and crowd pleasing party shimmer, it would be great on the rocks, as well as with a mixer. And, keep your eyes peeled as there will be reviews going up for these on our site soon. 

Sweet gin liqueurs are raging at the moment. They are EVERYWHERE. The gin boom that started a few years ago has brought gin into the limelight and everyone wants a bit. Some people aren’t so into the strong, juniper forward flavour of classic gins. They want something softer and fruiter and that’s created a huge opportunity for gin liqueurs, especially when they have that nostalgic connection to old style sweets. They’re hugely popular. It’s important to recognise the difference between the spirits. In most senses, gins and gin liqueurs are two totally different things. The old sweet nostalgia is what’s behind the set of recipes I’ve sifted out for you today. Any of you like making sweets? Well, here we go:


Care of, here’s a great little recipe for Gin and Tonic Marshmallows’. Surprisingly easy to make and super tasty too, go check out their site at the link below:


Next up, something a little bit different, a Gin and Tonic Fudge from Jane’s Patisserie. I love a boozy fudge. I’m a big fan of rum fudge and Baileys fudge is outstanding. I think this is a really interesting recipe bring together creamy fudge with zingy citrus notes:


And lastly, come the fudge on. Who doesn’t want pink gin gummy bears? Or…if it’s valentines day, maybe you could pick up a heart mould instead and make pink gummy hearts for your loved one? Or you? I’m totally making me some, I deserve it. Care of Frugral family, this is a great recipe and super easy too.

Cor, they sound amazing. I’ve always fancied a bit of sweet making and what a great opportunity to give it a crack, aye? I’ve been doing the whole eat less exercise more since New Year. Wanted to kick start my January and it’s having such a good effect, I think I’m going to carry on. Still have to have a little bit of a good stuff though. Honestly, if I told myself I wasn’t going to have anything I liked, I’d crumble within hours. All about moderation, it seems. Anyway, pass me some pink gin gummies.


Happy Friday 31st January everyone! From all of us here, have a great night tonight if you’re out. Do remember to be kind to each other and stay safe as I’ll bet a few people out there will be going bananas.


Big love, all of us at GRF