Newsletter – Spooky Rum Punch!

Newsletter – Friday 1st November

Happy Friday Team!!

Happy November! How was your Halloween? As I mentioned last week, falling on a Thursday, I can’t help but think you lovely lot are going to be celebrating it tonight, so for those of you in Norwich, Hooray! We’re in town and you’ll be getting down! Hope you have a wonderful night full of all sorts of spooky fun.

And next week we’re in lovely Swindon. Swindon is an old favourite with the wonderful back drop of the Steam Museum. The Steam Museum has been hosting Gin Festivals for some time so it’s going to be great to get some rum in there too. It’s a great back drop and a really interesting place to walk around, with a glass in hand. There are many stories to be found there. But one of the more well know is that of Isambard Kingdom Brunel, a famous Victorian Engineer who left his mark around the country. Born in my hometown of Portsmouth, he was involved in the development of the SS Great Britain. This ship was the first propeller-driven, ocean-going, iron ship and in 1843 when it was built, it was the largest ship ever built. He also designed the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol and he masterminded the Great Western Railway.

So, that brings us up to date with what we’re doing. Now that’s get back to the fun stuff. Halloween! Halloween is all about celebrating the dead, with Hallows Eve being the one day of the year that the dead can come back to walk the Earth. So, with that in mind, I wanted to share a simple recipe for a spooky rum punch. Inspired by Sangria the colour of this is such a deep red you’ll have vampires crawling out of the woodwork. Get yourselves a large bowl. Add a whole bottle of rum and a bottle of red wine. The you need to balance out that loud booze flavour with lime, some triple sec and some sugar syrup. To garnish, chop up a few limes and perhaps blood oranges to keep in the mood. And, poof! Just like Dracula appearing in a cloud of smoke, you’ve got a great drink for everyone to share. Enjoy!

Have a wonderful weekend guys!

Bernie & The G&R Team

Newsletter – Sourest Day!

Newsletter – Friday 25th October

Happy Friday Team!

So how has your week been? Are you missing us? We’re certainly missing you! Well never you fear, our team have been beavering away behind the scenes to keep things running and next week we’re back! And we’re in Norwich!

That’s right, we’re bringing the party to St Andrew’s Hall. The grade 1 listed friary church and convent date back to the 14th century and make up the most complete friary complex surviving in England. It has witnessed an amazing history. During the reformation it was saved by the City Corporation, which bought it for use as a ‘common hall’. Since then it has been used as a workshop, a mint and a workhouse. And next week, it’s going to host the Gin and Rum Festival!

And today it is officially Sourest Day! A day when you don’t have to make lemonade with life’s lemons. A day to be openly grumpy. Nowadays, we’re under so much pressure to keep calm and stay positive, I think it’s quite nice to have day where you can take off that mask and chill with a frown.

In the name of spirits, I thought I’d share a recipe with you. Some of you may know the Whisky Sour. Well did you know you can also make it with gin and rum? For gin I would suggest starting with dry gin in a shaker then adding lemon juice, sugar syrup, aromatic bitters and egg white. Give it a good old shake, strain and serve. For rum the recipe needs a little bit of a twist. Start with rum and then add a little orange and/or lime juice rather than lemon. Add sugar syrup and egg whites and bitters if you choose.

And let’s not forget Halloween! Halloween is fast approaching this Thursday. Falling on a Thursday, I’m guessing more people will be celebrating it next weekend, so keep an eye out for next week’s newsletter, for a bit of spooky fun.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Bernie & The G&R Team