Newsletter – Bourbon Hangover Cocktail!

Newsletter – Friday 8th November

Happy Friday Team!

Soooo how were the Halloween celebrations last weekend? What did you get up to? Did you trick or did you treat? Hope you had a wonderful time at our Norwich event. Any horror stories? Haha, I’m sure it was a cracker!

And this week, we’re rocking on up to the Steam Museum in Swindon. Home of the Great Western Railway, it’s a really cool place. I for one have thoroughly enjoyed galivanting around during a festival there. Being shut to the public, other than festival goers. It is slightly eerie hanging out with the model people. Hope you all have a great time!

I have to say, today’s a pretty special day. On this day, way back in 1789, Bourbon Whisky was first distilled from corn by Elijah Craig in Bourbon, Kentucky. What a special day that was! Just think of the joy that spirits have given to the world. And in some instances, the opposite. It’s always important to be careful with the drink.

To celebrate this special day I thought it would be nice to share a rather special cocktail with you, the Suffering Bastard. As always, finding where and how a drink was first invented is always tricky as there is a number of stories. One that I’ve found suggests that it can be traced back to the Long Bar at the Shepard Hotel in Cairo. Let’s set the scene, it was the 1940s. 1947 to be precise and the bar steward, a Joe Scialom, was in desperate need for a hangover remedy. The Suffering Bastard was born. The drink comprises of our Birthday Bourbon, along with a shot of gin. The drink is then boosted with lime juice and bitters and topped up with ginger ale.

As the season is slowing down slightly, next week the team are having a week off to recoup, then on the 22nd and 23rd November we’re going to be in Middlesbrough. I’ll tell you more about as we get closer. Always nice to keep an element of mystery.

Have a great weekend you lovely lot.

Bernie and The G&R Team