LOVE CORN is a Delicious Crunchy Corn snack that comes in a variety of great flavours, has a light crunch and is made from simple ingredients.

These whole crunchy corn kernels are simply corn off the cob! Low sugar, gluten free & plant based… we’re the FEEL GOOD savoury snack swap for crisps, pretzels, crackers and nuts.

Perfect for on-the-go, in a lunchbox, paired with a refreshing beverage or sprinkled on a salad – LOVE CORN is the fan favourite amongst busy adults, always-hungry teens and picky little eaters!

We believe in finding LOVE in the little things and giving back by doing good through business. We love to donate our brand, product and time to help the local community. Our snacks will always be delicious with simple ingredients and our brand makes customers smile. We’re the feel-good snack!

LOVE CORN is the perfect snack to have alongside your favourite refreshing beverage which is why we’re super excited to partner with The Gin and Rum Festival this year! We’re all about feel good snacks for feel good occasions so we can’t wait to share the LOVE!