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  • Bayou Select Rum is aged in American oak casks, resulting in a tipple that should appeal to rum and whisky enthusiasts alike. Tasting notes include chili flakes and a dash of toffee.

  • Tyree Gin


    Tyree Gin features several botanicals from the Isle of Tiree in the Inner Hebrides, including eyebright, angleica, ladies bedstraw and water mint, as well as kelp harvested from the Atlantic Ocean!

  • A family run business, based just outside the historic town of Melbourne in South Derbyshire. Highfiled Bramble Gin is well balanced with sweet and sour tones.

  • Kuro made this premium flavoured gin using its award-winning London dry gin to which it added the delicious sweet taste of cherry and blossom. Making for an exciting and moreish pink gin.

  • Using technology to rapidly age the rum, the newly distilled rum is then turned into the equivalent of 8-year-old barrel-aged rum in 6 days. Tasting notes include Vanilla and Toffee.

  • Silky and smooth rum with a delicately balanced finish. This rich molasses rum is handcrafted from Florida cane, twice distilled in a copper column pot and infused with Java’Mon CoffeeBlend, vanilla, and an unexpected touch of coconut.