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    Citadelle Gin

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    Distilled in gas fired Cognac pot stills: the 19 botanicals are added progressively over 72 hours to extract the optimum flavour and create a beautifully balanced, world class gin. The nose is delicate with fresh flowers, honeysuckle, jasmine and cinnamon. On the palate, juniper gives way to a voluptous complexity and an elegant, refined finish.
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    Bursts of herbs, sage, juniper and exotic spices, complementing a dry and refreshing taste with a long, delicate finish. It’s smooth from the ground up and easy going down.
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    A wonderfully presented dry gin from Sunderland that features Persian lime as part of its botanical selection.  

    Nose: Juniper forward with some pretty green spices and intermingled coriander, lime and lemon notes.

    Palate: Earthier spice, angelica, cardamom and fragrant juniper with a sweet citrus edge (think Starburst/Opal Fruit).

    Finish: Fresh coriander and lime rice with a hint of chilli.

  • Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries, alongside more classic gin botanical's. Enjoyably tangy, the juniper and coriander spiciness juxtaposed by the bright berry sweetness.
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    Keeping it true to the original style of Victorian gin, Haymans Old Tom is rich and rounded with citrus and juniper hints and a delicate finish. A subtle sweetness runs through making it perfect with lime and ginger.
  • A premium flavoured gin with a deliciously fruity Japanese-inspired twist from , KURO Gin. Plenty of peach flavours running throughout this one taste of Smooth and sweet, with plenty of soft peach notes and hints of floral juniper.
  • A gin created by professional rugby players Pat Cilliers and Mike Rhodes. A classic gin with a hearty helping of citrus deliciousness namely orange, lime and grapefruit. The bottle even comes in a wrap reminiscent of a rugby jersey!
  • To create their Cardamom Gin, the distillers at Sacred in Highgate, steep green Guatemalan Cardamom pods in English grain spirit, which is then re-distilled to create this a beautifully fragrant gin.
  • An impossibly lush and vivid indigo blue, with a stunning secret to reveal; with the addition of citrus or tonic, This beautiful gin is transformed from its breathtaking indigo to a soft pink gin.
  • Cross Keys Gin is a locally handcrafted, small-batch gin from Riga in Latvia, which was influenced heavily by the classic expression Riga Black Balsam. It's made with four natural botanicals, chamomile, linden blossoms, rosemary, and juniper and bottled in a natural black clay container that supposedly enhances the maturation process of gin.
  • From the Sacred craft distillery in Highgate comes the Pink Grapefruit Gin, made using every bit of the grapefruit, from the flesh to the peel to even the pips! It may sound obvious, but by golly does this have some phenomenal pink grapefruit flavours. Sure to bring your cocktails to life with a vibrant helping of zesty citrus.  
  • The West Winds’ Sabre Gin is described as an “Australian expression of a traditional gin”, and is made with botanicals including juniper, lime peel, lemon myrtle and wattleseed.