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    Nelson’s Timur

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    Timur Pepper is part of the Sichuan or Szechuan Pepper family and is from the mountains of Nepal. Nelsons Timur has a unique aroma, which is not hot or pungent like a pepper but has slight grapefruit overtones and creates a tingly feeling in the mouth.   Tasting Notes: Light and zesty grapefruit overtones followed by a slight tingling sensation.
  • This high-strength interpretation of the 18th-century staple, with bold notes of Juniper & naturally sweet Liquorice Root, alongside a modern flourish of vaccum-distilled Spanish Sweet Orange Peels, which accentuate this classic sweeter gin.
  • From the Welsh Da’Mhile Distillery comes Seaweed Gin. Infused with seaweed from the Newquay coast to add a coastal character and also gives the gin a very subtle green hue.

  • A family-run business, based just outside the historic town of Melbourne in South Derbyshire. Highfield gin combines the distinctive taste of juniper berries alongside the finest botanicals. They add a twist of citrus to transform it into a truly outstanding gin.

  • Smooth gin taste with innovative fresh flavours. Distilled with a selection of the world’s finest botanicals including juniper, rosemary, hibiscus and citrus.

  • Classic London Dry but with the addition of the natural extract from the Indian Pea Flower to create an inky blue gin which magically changes colour to a subtle violet.

  • Tyree Gin


    Tyree Gin features several botanicals from the Isle of Tiree in the Inner Hebrides, including eyebright, angleica, ladies bedstraw and water mint, as well as kelp harvested from the Atlantic Ocean!

  • Kuro Gin

    A Japanese-inspired London dry gin innovatively crafted in the UK using botanicals from the Land of the Rising Sun – think silver birch bark, spruce needles and bamboo-activated charcoal.